Manzoor Ali, Staff Writer

Manzoor Ali is a Pakistani writer. He has contributed to TRT World, Roads and Kingdoms, Al Jazeera, New Internationalist, Himal Southasian, Foreign Policy, The Indian ExpressDawn, and The Express Tribune.

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The Last Infidels of Hindu Kush

Persecuted by Muslims for centuries and squeezed by the forces of assimilation and modernity, the Kalasha are on the verge of extinction.

Age of Protests

Pakistan’s sit-in culture enables a zealous minority to topple elected governments.

Pakistan’s Tribal Belt Joins the Modern World

Annexed by the British, claimed by Afghanistan, a battleground during the Great Game, the Cold War, and the War on Terror, Pakistan’s lawless tribal region is finally integrated into the rest of the country.

Starving Watchdogs

Pakistan’s news industry is dying – and government accountability along with it.