Rabbit Hole describes itself as an “intellectual brothel.” What’s that mean?


It means it treats writing as an art form, such that reading each piece is a pleasurable experience as well as an edifying one.


The other thing about brothels is that, in a brothel, everyone’s a star – there are no supporting prostitutes, each one is supposed to be an attraction. So too with our Staff Writers, each of whom is a thinker as well as a writer, with his or her own unique style.


How do I search for a particular topic?


Click the search button on the top left of any page and type in what you’re looking for.


How do I apply to be a Staff Writer?


Check out our “Join Our Team” page here.


What’s the acceptance rate?


We’ve received over 20,000 applications for Staff Writer positions so far and made 27 offers. If you do the math, that’s 0.14%.


You seem like elitist douches.


That isn’t a question, and also, ouch, that hurts our feelings.


What if I just want to contribute the occasional article?


Check out our “Write for Us” page here.


Where’s Rabbit Hole based?


Since Rabbit Hole is an online magazine, and its writers are in different countries around the world, it isn’t really based anywhere. It’s a publication of Rabbit Hole Media LLC, which is incorporated in Delaware, in the United States of America.


Where do you get your revenue from?


We get most of our revenue to come from subscriptions. A subscription gives you full access to the site, plus invitations to exclusive events we may hold in your city, all for the price of $5 a month. That’s like the price of a coffee.




A Starbucks coffee.




A pumpkin spice!


Why don’t you lower the price even more and get more of your revenue from ads?


We’re an independent magazine, and we mean to remain that way. If you’re an independent publication in East Asia, and you do your job right, at some point you’re gonna piss off a whole bunch of people, including many of the authoritarian governments in the region. If your main source of revenue is ads, you’re beholden to advertisers, who are in turn beholden to whoever they’re beholden to. If your main source of revenue is subscriptions, however, you’re beholden only to your readers, which is the way it should be.


Why did you choose the name “Rabbit Hole?”


Because of the Alice in Wonderland reference suggesting a deeper level of reality…and also because it sounds like it could be the name of a brothel.


But after Alice went down the rabbit hole, didn’t she spend much of the story being scared and confused? That doesn’t sound-


Question time is over, goodbye everyone!