The Problem With “Fresh Start” Cities

Indonesia is planning to move its capital from Jakarta to Nusantara – a new city it’s building – by 2024. Indonesia is not the only country to be enticed by the idea of a “fresh start” city, but these cities are rarely the panaceas or utopias their creators envisioned.

By Cassidy Warner

Frozen Ambitions

Antarctica has been kept peaceful for 60 years by international treaties, but Chinese ambitions on the frozen continent threaten to shatter this fragile peace.

By Julien Oeuillet

The Taming of the Bunyip

Metamorphosizing from a fearsome monster to a bogeyman to a cute cartoon character to a conservation mascot, the Australian bunyip is a metaphor for our changing relationship with nature.

By Cassidy Warner

China’s Third Way

Will China be able to sustain its spectacular economic growth with an increasingly autocratic regime? If so, it may mark the end of the liberal order, and the rise of authoritarian capitalism.

By Michael Pusic

Tribes of Hong Kong

The original stimulus of the protests – the extradition bill – has long been withdrawn and forgotten; the tribal cycle of violence has generated its own self-sustaining momentum.

By Shaun Tan