Cassidy Warner, Staff Writer

Cassidy Warner is an Australian writer living and working in Sydney. She has a BA with Distinction from the University of New South Wales, dual majoring in English and Politics, but no amount of formal education has satisfied her desire to take things apart and find out why they tick. Cassidy is as passionate about intersectional politics, philosophy, and injustice as she is about storytelling.

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In Defense of “Sissy” Chinese Men

China’s government regards “sissy” Chinese men as a liability and is trying to get them to imitate the exaggerated machismo of the West. But the more effeminate version of masculinity has enriched China’s culture for millennia and will help it thrive in the 21st century.

The Taming of the Bunyip

Metamorphosizing from a fearsome monster to a bogeyman to a cute cartoon character to a conservation mascot, the Australian bunyip is a metaphor for our changing relationship with nature.