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Lisa Yin Zhang is a writer, artist, and art historian from Queens, New York.

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In Praise of Plum Blossoms

Lost and found over the centuries, the Guide to Capturing a Plum Blossom, one of the earliest printed art books in the world, is itself a small miracle.

Kings of New York

Even as New York struggles to contain the coronavirus, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio continue to feud. New Yorkers aren’t shy about picking a side.

Ordinarily Extraordinary

The writer and teacher Léonie Gilmour is overshadowed by her more famous relatives: her partner, the poet Yone Noguchi, her son, the sculptor Isamu Noguchi, and her daughter, the dancer Ailes Gilmour. Yet her life was no less remarkable.

The Parasite and the Awards Host

Parasite is itself parasitic: a foreign film that weaseled its way into the single most prestigious academy in the industry only to attack that very institution and everything it stands for.

On the Trail of Iris Chang

Iris Chang, the historian who brought the tragedy of the Nanking Massacre home to the West, lived a life that was as incandescent as it was brief, and pioneered the way for Chinese American writers.