Michael Pusic, Staff Writer

Michael Pusic is an American writer based out of Oxford, where he’s currently finishing up his Master’s in Literature as a Clarendon Scholar. He holds a Bachelor’s from Columbia University in Economics and Comparative Literature, and is passionate about international development and American literature — and any ways to reconcile these two. He also writes for The Atticus Review and The Journal of Ethics in Finance. Outside of “work” he writes poetry, runs, and mostly plays with dogs.

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China’s Third Way

Will China be able to sustain its spectacular economic growth with an increasingly autocratic regime? If so, it may mark the end of the liberal order, and the rise of authoritarian capitalism.

Divinity in the Mundane

Kept at home by quarantines, we grow numb to our lives, our surroundings, and the unfolding tragedy of the pandemic. But regaining our sense of wonder can help us feel again.