Steve Noyes, Contributor

Steve Noyes has published nine books of poetry and fiction, including the novels It Is Just that Your House Is So Far Away and November’s Radio. His writing has appeared in The Malahat Review, Wasafiri, The Fiddlehead and Canadian Literature. Steve has a PhD in The Contemporary Novel from the University of Kent, and regularly reviews books for Canadian literary magazines. He enjoys studying Arabic and following the NBA. After a rainy year of house-sitting on Vancouver Island, looking after shih-tzus, long-haired cats, and a hamster, Steve and his wife have moved to Sheffield, Yorkshire, but it’s still raining.

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The Idiomatic Life

Mastery of chengyu, four-character idioms, is considered a mark of erudition in China. Yet, often chengyu confuse as much as they enlighten.

The Canada I Know

Lurking beneath the idyllic vision of Canada are rates of hate crime and violent crime comparable to those in the US.