FAKE NEWS | China Furious at Sex141 Over “Taiwanese” Prostitute Listings

By Shaun Tan

By Shaun Tan

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Staff Writer


BEIJING – China lashed out yesterday at popular prostitute listing site Sex141 over content it says implies Taiwan is a separate country.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang expressed outrage that the site’s header not only listed whores from Taiwan separately from whores from mainland China, it did the same with whores from Hong Kong and Macau. Geng also slammed the site for listing the nationality of certain prostitutes as “Taiwanese” rather than “Chinese.”


“This is an insult to the dignity of the Chinese nation, an infringement of our sovereignty, and a violation of the One-China principle,” Geng said, before adding: “Taiwan is part of China!”


Geng accused Sex141 of “encouraging separatism of China’s territory, Taiwan,” which Beijing considers a renegade province with no claim to sovereignty. “Furthermore, some of the prostitutes also brazenly display a Taiwanese flag icon alongside their name, age, height, and bust size, which I discovered whilst perusing the site for research purposes,” he said. “This has hurt the feelings of 1.4 billion Chinese people!”


In a letter to Sex141, China’s Foreign Ministry demanded it “take immediate steps to resolutely correct this grievous error” by excising all references to Taiwan and images of its flag from the site, and threatened adverse consequences to its business otherwise. Geng also called on all Chinese users to boycott the site until its demands are met. “Until then,” he said, “any man who fucks a whore through Sex141 is also fucking his own motherland!”


Founded by two Hong Kong men, Cheung Ming-man and Chan Sai-Ngan, in 2002, and billing itself as “The top sex information platform,” Sex141 lists prostitutes in many countries around the world, but particularly in greater China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is the latest international company to incur China’s wrath over the status of Taiwan. In January 2018, the Marriott International hotel chain apologized to China after an online survey listed Taiwan as a separate country. In July 2018, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines acquiesced to angry Chinese demands to remove all references to Taiwan as a separate country from their websites. This October, French luxury brand Christian Dior apologized after a company presentation involving a map of China that excluded Taiwan triggered a Chinese backlash.


Sex141 has yet to respond to China’s demands, but Taiwan’s government urged it to stand by the Taiwanese prostitutes on its site. “These hookers are on the front lines defending democratic values,” said Taiwan’s presidential spokesman, Alex Huang, today, who also noted that many Taiwanese netizens have pledged to “do their duty” to support them. “Taiwan’s people, including its whores, will not bow to pressure,” he vowed.


On the Chinese side, Geng seemed unimpressed. “Resistance to China is futile,” he warned, “and will only lead to hardship for Taiwan compatriots. There will be no happy ending.”