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Into the Woods

Why do we relish horrifying tales where jealous mothers kill their children and little girls dance themselves to death? Because the darkness in stories helps us confront the darkness inside ourselves.

By Erin McIntosh

September 2020

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Honest Hong Kong Journalist Visa Denial

Whilst we understand that it is the role of a journalist to offer opinions and critiques and to ask questions, your opinion pieces are unnecessarily opinionated, your critiques unnecessarily critical, and your questions unnecessarily inquisitive.

By Shaun Tan

China’s Third Way

Will China be able to sustain its spectacular economic growth with an increasingly autocratic regime? If so, it may mark the end of the liberal order, and the rise of authoritarian capitalism.

By Michael Pusic

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Ordinarily Extraordinary

The writer and teacher Léonie Gilmour is overshadowed by her more famous relatives: her partner, the poet Yone Noguchi, her son, the sculptor Isamu Noguchi, and her daughter, the dancer Ailes Gilmour. Yet her life was no less remarkable.

By Lisa Yin Zhang

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