December 2021

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In Defense of “Sissy” Chinese Men

China’s government regards “sissy” Chinese men as a liability and is trying to get them to imitate the exaggerated machismo of the West. But the more effeminate version of masculinity has enriched China’s culture for millennia and will help it thrive in the 21st century.

By Cassidy Warner

October 2021

The Taming of the Bunyip

Metamorphosizing from a fearsome monster to a bogeyman to a cute cartoon character to a conservation mascot, the Australian bunyip is a metaphor for our changing relationship with nature.

By Cassidy Warner

September 2021

August 2021

For the Record

Years from now, it’s likely people will make all sorts of false claims about the War in Afghanistan. Perhaps it’s worth setting a few things down, for the record.

By Shaun Tan

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China’s Loose Canon

Many are familiar with the Western canon – those core works of literature, history, and philosophy that are considered essential to the study of the subject. How about the Chinese canon?

By Shaun Tan

January 2021